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Vader Immortal Announced for PSVR, Releases This Summer

Sony and ILMxLAB have announced today the Star Wars: Vader Immortal will be releasing on PSVR this summer, though there is no specific release date at the time of writing.

The Vader Immortal games first released on the Oculus VR headsets, and now they’re being ported to PSVR. I actually reviewed all three Vader Immortal games for our sister site, Pure PSVR, though that was using Oculus Quest.

I really enjoyed all three games and still dip into them regularly to play around in the Lightsaber Dojo training levels. They’re good fun and the games really are the closest any game has come to actually making you feel like a Jedi.

The games themselves are quite short. Each episode has around an hour of story content, as well as the Lightsaber Dojo arenas. They aren’t particularly long games if you’re playing for the story, but the Lightsaber Dojo arenas are more than worth the price.

There’s no word yet on if Vader Immortal will release in three parts on PSVR, like it did on Oculus headsets, or if all three will be bundled together into one package. I reckon it’ll be the latter, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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