Vader Immortal Invades Retail With a Physical Special Edition

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars Series for PSVR has finally gotten a retail release after spending light-years stuck in digital hyperspace. These things don’t move at the speed of parsecs, you know…

Perp Games and ILMxLAB have released a special physical edition of the PSVR game Vader Immortal: A Star Wars Series, and it’s definitely one that fans will want to force pull into their possession before stocks run dryer than the moisture farms of Tatooine. Enough Star Wars references? Enough.

The special edition of Vader Immortal can be found at retailers in the UK, Europe, and North America today, complete with a bunch of extra treats, including a digital artbook with insights into the making of the game; a behind the scenes video about the making of ZO-E3, along with interviews; and two collectable physical postcards. Feel free to send me some love on the back of one of them, yeah?

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Priced at $22.99 and £24.99, Vader Immortal: A Star Wars Series is a bargain. You get all three episodes with each one telling a short but memorable and continuous story, culminating in a big end-game battle with the titular Vader. You also get the three different Dojo modes where you face off against waves of enemies by using the force, lightsabers, and even blasters and grenades. That’s where the real staying power is and believe me, you can spend hours swinging your PSVR move wands around in there and not get bored. Tired, yes. Sore, absolutely. But bored? Never in a million rotations of Coruscant.

“With this special release of Vader Immortal, even more fans will have the chance to explore Star Wars in a new way, using virtual reality to step into their own Star Wars adventure,” said Ben Snow, director. “I’m delighted that we can give everyone a chance to look behind the scenes at how we made Vader Immortal, with the concept art, character creation and thought that we put into making this a unique Star Wars experience.”

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