Valkyria Chronicles 4 Limited Edition PS4 Announced For Japan

Valkyria Chronicles 4

These custom PS4 consoles are like buses: you wait a long time and then multiple turn up at once. After we reported a few days ago that Sony has planned a Monster Hunter World Pro console, we are now getting the news that Valkyria Chronicles 4 will also be getting the special treatment. But as is pointed out on the Japanese blog site, this special edition will be exclusive to Japan.

The standard console will be decorated with a combat tank in an off-white monotone colour that certainly makes the image jump off the black background. It may just be the best limited edition model we’ve seen; darn you Sony for keeping it in Japan! We hope you reconsider by the time the game enjoys a more global release.

The Valkyria Chronicles 4 console is scheduled to launch alongside the game’s release in Japan on March 21st. It will be available with either a 500GB of 1TB internal hard drive, and will be accompanied by an exclusive theme. Because who doesn’t love a theme?

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Are you a fan of Valkyria Chronicles and its watercoloured war? Are you in the market for a PS4 and considering an early spring trip to Tokyo just like this writer? Or does turn-based combat turn you off? Comment below!

Valkyria Chronicles 4

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