Valkyria Chronicles’ Remaster Is Coming West

For the uninitiated, Valkyria Chronicles originally launched for the PS3 in 2008. Its a tactical role-playing, third-person shooter, which is loosely based on the opening years of the second World War. The game was both published and developed by Sega, who later released a version for Microsoft Windows in November 2014 and they’re currently working on a remastered version for the PS4. The remaster will arrive on American and European shores sometime in spring 2016.

The remaster will be in 1080p at 60 frames per second, which is pretty must the expected standard for a last-gen remaster. It will come to retail at the very reasonable price of $29.99,  and no matter where you live the remaster will include all of the original game’s DLC and full trophy support, not to shabby for that price, right? Oh and players who pre-order the physical edition in North America will be treated to the ‘Squad 7 Armoured Case’ or in other words a pretty frickin sweet steelbook case, which you can view below.

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Now, while some entries in the Valkyria Chronicles series have mysteriously managed to avoid a Western release, most noticeably the third game, the fact that this iteration is getting a current-gen re-release in the West is a good indication that the next entry in the series will arrive here to. We happen to know the name of that next entry, which is Valkyria Chronicles: Azure, and that it will be releasing later this year in Japan. Assuming the remaster is being used to build hype, it’s probably a safe bet to say that game will be coming to the West too.

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