Valkyria Revolution Hits Europe and America in June

Regular readers may remember our previous coverage of Valkyria Revolution, the follow-up to SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles. Despite the move away from a turn-based battle system to a ‘tactical real-time’ one, we’re quietly hopeful for the title and, as such, were delighted to hear that the game now has an official release date. That’s June 27th for North America and June 30th for Europe. The release date comes along with a new trailer for the game, which you can check out above,  and a host of new (and old) information which we’ve lovingly regurgitated for you below, like a mother bird for its hungry gaming-chicks.

The latest entry in the Valkyria universe comes to PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One at the end of June and according to today’s news, physical editions that are pre-ordered (and a certain number of launch copies) will come with a 12-track soundtrack from acclaimed Chrono-trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda. The game features entirely new characters and settings and is a continuation of the universe, rather than the story, of the previous Valkyria title. In this entry, the elite soldiers of Jutland must band together following a revolution to take down the Ruzi empire and the death-dealing Valkyria, Brunhilde. Players will take control of the elite ‘Vanarguard’ in the game’s new battle system which fuses real-time combat and tactical strategy.

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The game’s new art style attempts to emulate a more painterly look. The new ‘GOUACHE’ rendering engine that the team used for the title gives the game the unique canvas texture that can be seen in the screenshots. Oh and for those wondering, yes, this game was originally titled Valkyria Azure Revolution but, for reasons beyond the ken of us mere mortals, the ‘Azure’ has been dropped for the western release, as we previously reported.

Valkyria Revolution releases on June 27th for North America and June 30th for Europe, in physical and digital format on PS4 and Xbox One and in digital only format for the PS Vita. How excited are you for the next Valkyria title? Does the prospect of a bonus Yasunori Mitsuda soundtrack album make you more likely to pick this up on day one? Still unsure about the new combat system? Pour out your thoughts in our handy comments section, we’re listening.  

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