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Vampyr Adds Weight and Humanity to Every Kill in Episode 3

The third behind the scenes video for Dontnod’s Vampyr released today, and it focuses on the humanity of your victims. The only way for you to gain XP in the game is to murder your way to a higher level. Killing alone is not enough. You have to drink the blood of your victims.

For most vampire games, this is the end, but Vampyr’s world wants to bring a real sense of consequences to your actions. Every character is not a generic placeholder for quests. They will live a life and have a purpose in the world. When someone dies, another character may mourn their death and whatever job they performed will no longer be available.

In order to give the player a sense of the human consequences, you will be able to hear their final thoughts. They may reflect on life or death, but they will be unique to that character. If you have killed someone else they know, you may hear even more. This gives you more insight into the person and the world. With a realistic London, you will be able to see all of these different characters and class structures from the inside.

We still don’t have a release date for Vampyr yet, but these mini-documentaries are slowly revealing more of what we can expect. We look forward to letting you know how Vampyr plays when it is dragged into the light of day this spring.

If you missed episode 2’s discussion of London and the game’s music, we will drop it at the bottom of the article.

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