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Venture into the Ashlands in God Eater 3

We have a new trailer to share for God Eater 3, and this one is full of gameplay. The new area on display is the Ashlands, a place in desperate need of a PR tourism team. With hot ashes swirling around in the air, it is so unpleasant that no humans can live on the surface. They live underground away from the Aragami.

The God Eaters in this area have become used to living in such a harsh environment. Hugo Pennywort is a friend of the main character, and a leader in the area. We would let him lead too if he was willing to go out and fight the Anubis and Ra Aragami that prowl the area.

With the threat of death every time you take a walk, the weapons need to be as powerful as the Aragami, and the trailer introduces two new tools of the trade. The Biting Edge God Arc has two blades to double your cutting pleasure, and the Ray Gun is a more strategic ranged weapon.

While we don’t have a release date for God Eater 3, we can make an educated guess it will be 2018, so we should know something in the next few months. Until you have to take the fight to the Aragami, check out the trailer for a look at some of the enemies that you will encounter in the Ashlands.

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Bandai Namco Press Release

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