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Vetto Brings His Animal Magnetism to Black Clover: Quartet Knights

Black Clover: Quartet Knights just added a new character to its growing roster. The powerful Vetto will bring despair to even the mightiest of foes. As one of the strongest members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, he uses Beast Magic to augment his speed and considerable strength. As such, he will be part of the fighters in the game.

Featuring characters and locations from the anime, Black Clover: Quartet Knights is a 4v4, third-person fighter and shooter. Each member of your team will specialize in areas like support, fighting, and defense. The magical abilities of each character will match those from the show, so you can use your favorite to shoot or swing a sword.

Black Clover: Quartet Knights won’t release until September 14th, but an open beta is planned from August 17th-20th. You can download the beta client on August 15th, and you will be asked to submit your thoughts after it ends. Anyone who participates will receive color changing DLC for every playable character in the game.

If you want more Black Clover while you wait, check out the anime on It isn’t the best shonen anime I have ever seen, but it really grows you.

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