Video: How is Batman: Arkham VR’s Tracking After Update 1.02?

Video: How is Batman: Arkham VR’s Tracking After Update 1.02?

A couple of days ago, Rocksteady released a brand new update for Batman: Arkham VR on PSVR/PS4. The patch notes stated that the update brought improved VR tracking to the game – and that’s it.

We’ve since had the chance to test out the tracking on Arkham VR by… Playing with the piano in Bruce Wayne’s manor. It might seem like a daft idea, but trust us when we say the reasoning is sound. See, playing the piano in Wayne’s manor was pretty difficult pre-patch version 1.02, so it seemed like a good baseline for a test.

In the new video which we’ve got down below along with the old video for the sake of comparison, it’s clear that this author’s piano skills are much better translated across in PSVR than they were before – even if it’s only using one finger on an oddly tuned piano…

In short, the tracking is much better than it was before. Gone are the wobbly Parkinson’s hands (bad joke?) and random slapping the air. If you played Arkham VR when it first released but couldn’t look past the tracking being a little dodgy at times, we highly recommend giving it a second shot.

Have you noticed the tracking is much better, or are you still randomly punching nothing? Bonus points: How many songs by The Killers/Brandon Flowers can you recognise in the videos? Let us know down below for no prize!

Post-patch 1.2

Pre-patch 1.2

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