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Video: The Brookhaven Experiment on PSVR is Truly Terrifying

We consider ourselves to be a bunch of manly men here at Pure PlayStation. We eat meat for breakfast, we swill beer at noon, and we regularly swat flies with our bare hands. Manly, we tell you. Manly!

However, we too are susceptible to the scares that come with immersive horror games, namely The Brookhaven Experiment which recently released on PSVR/PS4 at the cheap but not-so-cheerful price of £15.99. It’s been out for a few weeks in North America but it’s only recently that us chumps in the UK and Europe have been able to trade our money for thrills.

We’re still tapping out our review of the horror/shooter/survival game, but in the mean time we’ve got some captured gameplay footage of our very own Chris Harding fighting off the hordes of monsters. Yes, he did squeal like a girl. No, he doesn’t apologise for it. The game’s creepy, man, real creepy

Have you played The Brookhaven Experiment on PSVR? Did you scream like a wimp, or are you even manlier than the Pure PlayStation staff? Show us how hard you are down in the comments section below. 

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