Video: The Making of Metro: Exodus – Part 1

4A Games has released a brand new video today that should appease those who have an interest in how games are made. The mini-documentary is the first in a three-part series being released in the run up to the release of Metro: Exodus on February 15th, 2019.

The video, which is embedded up above, gives us a look into the studio with interviews from key people in 4A Games. It’s an interesting watch if nothing else, so go ahead and sit back, relax, and enjoy those sweet east-European accents.

In case you missed the news earlier this week, Metro: Exodus will be shipping with a photo mode on day one, so you’ll be able to take all the artsy fartsy pictures that you’ve no doubt been planning in your head since the initial reveal. There’s also a super rare edition of the game releasing, though you’ve not a hope in hell in buying the bloody thing. It’s still cool, mind, but it’s just a shame that so few people will get to actually see it in person.

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Of course, the Metro series is all about the narrative and the ongoing struggle for survival. With Exodus going open world it’s easy to forget that the game does still have a proper story, so give the story trailer a watch, too.

Part two in the Making of Metro: Exodus mini-series will be released next week, so be sure to check in with Pure PlayStation for the best seat in the house.

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