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Video: This is How SUPERHOT VR Transforms You Into a Killing Machine

SUPERHOT VR is a menace. It’s a devious little game that tricks you into being a smart, efficient killer without you even realising it, as we’ve already mentioned in our glowing review of the game. 

We’ve captured some footage of SUPERHOT VR running on PS4 so you can have a gander at what the game looks like in action, and to also see just how scarily good someone can get at popping off accurate shots in a matter of minutes. There’s a video up above, as well as a couple down below.

In the video above, the guy behind the lens – the author of this article – starts off a complete novice. Death occurs more often than not, but after a few minutes you can see the patterns emerge and then all of sudden he’s killing people like it’s a mundane day job.

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