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Video: Watch Us Soar Like a Bird in Eagle Flight on PSVR

[Update: Typo in the headline corrected. Thanks for the email tip, Niall! You win the ‘Pure Grammarist’ award this week…]

Ubisoft’s obsession with eagles and birds of prey has spanned countless Assassin’s Creed games, but now that very same fondness has been taken and given its very own game: Eagle Flight.

To be fair, it’s actually a really good game. We’ve only just got our hands on the title but the early impressions are that it’s a beasty game that really does a good job with its recreation of Paris, though it seems a little light on content for the price. Still, it’s pretty sweet from what we’ve played so far and it’s been a real struggle to pull away from the game to bash out this quick article.

We’re not quite ready with our review just yet but we’ve got some sweet as sugar gameplay that we’ve captured from the first few minutes of the game. For the sake of clarity, the video above features gameplay that was captured on a regular PS4. We’ve not got a PS4 Pro in the Pure PlayStation HQ just yet as Sony seemingly lost ours in transit, but once we’ve got access to the new machine we’ll be sure to make clear which version of a game we’re playing and on what PlayStation console. Jeez, it’s starting to get a bit confusing with these multiple SKUs, innit?

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