Videoball Update 1.03 Update Makes Playing Online a Lot More Fun

Videoball released a couple of weeks ago to rave reviews, including a very favourable review from Pure PlayStation, and since then it’s gone on to… well, it hasn’t taken off in the same manner as Rocket League, but it’s still really popular.

One gripe that players have had post-release is that getting into an online game could sometimes be a royal pain in the backside. Even we’ve experienced our fair share of connection errors and games just not being found, so it’s great to know that Action Button has taken steps to remedy to problem.

The latest update for Videoball, version 1.03, apparently makes things right. We’ve not had a chance to test it out yet and see if things are indeed any better, but we’ll have a look later and update here.

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In the meantime, the patch notes are here:

  • Fixed issue with connecting to online matches

And that’s it. Simple and elegant, just like Videoball.

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