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Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Gets a Release Date

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard is the upcoming Norse mythology themed ARPG from publisher Kalypso Media, makers of the highly rated strategy title Tropico 5, and developer Games Farm. We’ve been suitably intrigued here at Pure PlayStation by the game’s interesting take on Norse myth and by the game’s first trailer last year. Today, Kalypso have announced the release date for the game, as well as a new trailer showing off the Diablo-like gameplay, which you can check out above.

Players will land on the shores of Midgard as Vikings – Wolves of Midgard releases on March 24th on PC via Steam and on PS4 and Xbox One in the EU in both physical and digital editions. The US console and retail market gets the game slightly later on the 28th. The publisher also announced that the physical edition of the game will come along with a large-size poster, digital artbook and digital soundtrack – but the poster will not be included in the US physical release (sorry to our Trans-Atlantic readers, who we’re sure will be devestated).

The gameplay trailer shows off the hack, slash n’loot style of the adventure where players will fight hordes of Norse-flavoured enemies across Midgard, Niflheim and Balheim. Intriguing additions to the gameplay include destructible environments, an upgradeable hub village, and tributing blood from fallen enemies to the Norse Gods for rewards. These elements sit alongside the genre staples you would expect to find in an ARPG like online co-op, upgradeable skills, magic relics and of course, Legendary Loot.

We’re sure to be bringing you more on Viking – Wolves of Midgard in the run up to its 24th of March release, so keep your eyes peeled and glued to the site (ewww). Let us know how you think the game is shaping up and whether you’ll be venturing to Midgard in March down in them there comments.      

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