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Visit Little Dragons Cafe for a Heartwarming Meal

We have been reporting on fighting games today with Rage 2 and Black Clover: Quartet Knights, but sometimes you want a slower, more peaceful experience after fighting all day in the real world. Unlike those cooking shows where Gordon Ramsay screams you into tears, Little Dragons Cafe puts you in the manager role for a relaxing day.

A new trailer shows you serving your patrons a delicious dish in a rhythm game, hiring new friends to help you grow, and maybe housing a dragon. You have to make sure they learn to behave, or bad things happen. That’s proabably what happened to Smaug.

Created by Yasuhiro Wada, the guy behind Harvest Moon, Little Dragons Cafe will let you run your own cafe after your mom falls into a deep sleep. An old man says that raising this dragon will help her to wake up, so you will need to make excellent food, keep your patrons happy, and help people in town, along with caring for your new pet.

Little Dragons Cafe will release on August 24th.


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