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Visit Resident Evil Village at the Tokyo Game Show

Resident Evil Village has already been named as the franchise’s first foray on to the next generation of hardware. And we’ve had a little glimpse at it during the recent showcase. But now it sounds like the game will be really shown off at the Tokyo Game Show, due to take place in around four weeks time. However, as we were promised news of the game in August, will this be enough to keep us patient?

And will this promise actually materialise?

The news came via the company’s official Twitter feed, where they detailed their own plans for the Tokyo Game Show 2020. During the “event”, Capcom are intending on streaming live for two days, during which they will demonstrate the gameplay of both Resident Evil Village and Street Fighter V Champion Edition. Now, I’m not promising hours of content. Although with this being one of the only opportunities in the coming months to capture their audience and start to secure orders/prospective purchases, I’m guessing they will be giving us more than they would normally.

The only thing that will be missing is the hands on perspective, but who’d want to share a controller at the moment anyway?

Still, we’re also going to be able to see the PlayStation 5 hardware doing what it apparently does best. And that’s something that has been a little thin on the ground. So, it’s another way for Sony to keep interest high in their next console – even if they seem to have forgotten it’s launching soon. It’s just a shame Resident Evil Village isn’t a launch game.

Source: Twitter

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