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Visit the Scraplands in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden dropped a new video today. Building on the previous developer videos, two of Funcom’s community team walk you through almost an hour of gameplay. They showcase the environment in the Scraplands level, and it looks like a redneck’s front yard. There are plenty of rusty cars that don’t run. I am not sure if any are on concrete blocks, but, with the apocalypse, I guess those are needed elsewhere.

The actual gameplay starts a little after the eighteen minute mark. Before that, they show setting up each character. There are weapons, clothing, and mutations to customize. All of this setup occurs before you head out from the your base in the Ark. When you finally decide to leave for a mission, the gameplay is the same as you have seen in previous videos. Stealth is key, and you can setup an ambush to kill your enemy. Combat is still the only place that forces you to use turns and move in a grid.

I haven’t watched the entire video, but it does give you more of the world and gameplay. Since it was broadcast on YouTube, other gamers ask questions, and we learn even more. If you were wondering, the maps are not procedural. It’s not all smooth sailing though. One of the characters becomes stuck in the environment, but a quick back and forth from the Ark sets it right. We are reminded that this is a game in development.

Based on a pen and paper RPG, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is one of the few strategy games that is looking to innovate in the genre. They have an exploration and free movement mechanics until you enter combat. This allows you to decide how and when you will fight to preserve the last bit of life after the fall of civilization.

You can explore these mechanics and the entire world when it releases on December 4th.

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