Visual Novel Arcade Spirits Available Digitally Now; Physical Release on May 22 (NA)

Our weekend plans are going to be published soon (spoiler: we’re staying at home and gaming), but, if you’re looking for something new to play, the digital version of Arcade Spirits is live now. The visual novel is set in an alternate timeline in which the 80s video game crash never happened. The main character just started to work at an arcade and meets an interesting cast of characters.

Your choices shape who you are as well as the story. The game will let you pick a number of attributes, including your character’s pronouns, but your choices in the story determine your personality. You can romance some of the game’s characters as well, and the decisions you make impact them as well as Funplex, the local arcade where you work.

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Even though you can grab it now, you’ll have to wait until May 22 to grab the physical version of Arcade Spirits. Either way, it seems like gamers generally approve. On PC, the game is currently sitting with an 81 on Metacritic, so we’re looking forward to putting this one under the review microscope. We’ll share our thoughts once it’s ready, so check back soon.

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