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Visual Novel Arcade Spirits Invites Us to Live in A Time Where the 80s Gaming Crash Never Happened

Arcade Spirits is finally coming to consoles. The visual novel is a romantic comedy set in the year 20XX, an alternate history where the video game crash of the 80s never happened. Your character is working at an arcade named the Funplex and meets an interesting mix of people including seven who can be wooed by your charms.

Who you are is who you choose to be. When you start, you have a ton of customization options, and it goes more than skin deep. Beyond choosing just your hair color and style, eye color, and skin color, you can even choose your own pronouns. The physical selections will be reflected in the game’s art and cutscenes.

As you make decisions in the game, those choices will shape your personality. The relationships you build will influence that too, and you can track your relationships with other characters and personality using IRIS (Identity Identifier System). The decisions you make will also shape the fate of Funplex and the people around you. Shaping the story is standard for a visual novel, so make those choices carefully.

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If you want a physical copy, you can pre-order Arcade Spirits from US retailers including Best Buy and GameStop. I’m not sure who will carry it in the EU and UK, so I would check with your favorite retailer. It’s coming to you on May 1st, so you should get that sorted soon for shipping by release day. A digital version will also be available in the US on May 1st, but the physical version is not hitting the US until May 22nd. Either version will run you $39.99 (or local equivalent).

Check out the original release date trailer for a look at the gameplay.

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