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Visual Novel Our World Is Ended Releasing at the End of March

The second visual novel in 2019 from publisher, PQube, has a release date. Our World Is Ended will be available on March 22nd in Europe and March 26th in North America. (Congrats, Europeans. After getting some games later, you don’t have to wait for the end of the world. That’ll come early.)

The story focuses on a group of programmers named Judgment 7. While working on the game engine W.O.R.L.D., they start seeing locations and creatures from their games pop up in the real world through the lense of their AR helmets. At first, they think this is a just a minor glitch, but they discover that this is a much bigger problem that could alter the city of Asakusa itself.

That’s actually one of the features. Asakusa is the city in the game, but it’s modeled after the actual city in this sci-fi tale. Along with colorful art and CG, there are over 40 hours of gameplay with plenty of voice over, otaku references, and choices in the game.

There is also a special edition if you pre-order the game. It comes with the game, a 100-page artbook, and a keyring with the mascot of the “perverted programmer Owari Sekai”. He is one of the seven members of Judgment 7 that includes artists, programmers, a director, a planner, and an assistant. It’s only available at Amazon UK and Amazon France so far, but it should filter out to the usual retailers soon.

I put the older announcement trailer at the top, so you can get a feel for the art. Our World Is Ended will put you to the test as you try to save our world from your own creations at the end of March.

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