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Visual Novel Punch Line Available in North America

Our fellow gamers in Europe have already been able to play through the panty-filled, world-destroying story of Punch Line, but it’s now available in North America. If you are unfamiliar, it’s a visual novel written by Kotaro Uchikoshi, the writer of the Zero Escape Trilogy. Do I have your attention now?

It has all the wackiness that you might expect. The main character, Yuta Iridatsu, is living a normal life in an apartment building full of girls. One day, his bus is hijacked, and he meets the superhero Strange Juice. Through events he doesn’t understand, his spirit is knocked out of his body, allowing him to be a ghost in that same house full of girls.

Yuta is excited to be able to float around the house and cause minor mischief, but he encounters an unexpected problem. When he sees a girl’s panties twice in a short time, he faints. Oh, and the world is destroyed. No big deal. His new mission is to discover why he was made into a ghost and prevent the world’s destruction.

However, nothing is simple, and there are many twists. It’s also not just about panties, so don’t let that scare you away from the game. The anime is currently running on Crunchyroll if you want to get an idea of the story. The game will have you solving puzzles, experiencing the story, and avoiding panties.

You can buy it digitally or grab a physical copy on the PS4 for $49.99. Physical and digital versions are also available on the PS Vita for $39.99.

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