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Visual Novel Song of Memories Releasing Feb 1st

Publisher PQube is sending another visual novel our way. The February 1st release date for Song of Memories was announced today in an extremely short trailer. With a sweet background song that I can’t understand because it was in Japanese, those 14 seconds showed visuals from the game with the simple directive – find your true love at the end of the world, as if finding “the one” wasn’t hard enough.

It also gave us one more big announcement. Although previously slated for one additional console, Song of Memories is now only coming to the PS4. It’s good to be king. Sure, it’ll probably go to PC as well, but it’s another reason to be happy to fly the PS flag. Also, console wars and stuff.

The trailer portrays Song of Memories as a sweet game, but that’s not entirely accurate. You will have the chance to romance one of six ladies and create a story with multiple endings, but this is not a happy dating sim. A monster apocalypse and a killer virus are attacking the world, and the saccharine presentation will have some darker twists and turns as you make your narrative choices, engage in rhythm battles, and watch animated characters with over forty hours of audio.

Some of that audio is music, and the game’s soundtrack would stretch across four audio CDs. Some of that audio includes the Japanese voice overs, and that’s music to my ears. My guess is that is the way most would choose to listen to dialogue here, but let me know if you are dub vs sub person in the comments.

Song of Memories is available for pre-order now, and you can grab it at Amazon and Gamestop. Bestbuy doesn’t appear to know what it is, and I didn’t bother checking Target. If you want to give a romantic visual novel a try, but you don’t want a romantic comedy, Song of Memories releases February 1st.

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