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Visual Novel Tokyo Chronos Coming to PSVR

New avenues for the PSVR continue to open, and here is a creative idea that could lead to a very unique experience in a more rigid genre. Tokyo Chronos is a visual novel that’s coming to the PS4. (In the flood of Gamescom news, I completely missed this one, so maybe you have too.) It’s a great idea, and one that could make a lot of sense.

Tokyo Chronos tells the story of eight childhood friends who are stuck in an empty Shibuya and time is no longer working. While they to uncover why they are there, they also must also find out why they don’t have some of their memories. One of the occupants of this Chronos World may also be a murderer. Trusting your friends may be a mistake.

You can check out the character and world details at the game’s official site. This one launched on other VR platforms already, so hopefully it will come to the PSVR soon. Until then, check out the trailer, and let me know if you are interested in playing a visual novel from the inside.


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