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Visual Novel WORLDEND SYNDROME is a Tale of Love and Zombies

If there’s one thing that anime, manga, and games teach us is, it’s that the life of the average Japanese high school kid is pretty rough. The new kid in town may have it even worse, and that’s the beginning of the visual novel, WORLDEND SYNDROME. After coming to a delightful seaside town, he starts at a new school, thinks about romancing some pretty girls, joins a club, and becomes involved in what may be a curse that recurs every 100 years and causes corpses to rise from the grave. Sounds pretty typical to me.

From Arc System Works, the people behind the Blazblue series, WORLDEND SYNDROME is a horror/mystery visual novel. You will be able to visit the entire town of Minhate-chou as you try to snuggle up to five girls, relaxing on the beach in the summer, collecting clues, and unraveling a mystery. Is it really the Yomibito year when the dead can return, or is something less supernatural yet equally sinister happening?

With designs created by Yuki Kato, the developers are promising excellent art with moving backgrounds, great characters, and a wonderful presentation with a deep story. As is the norm, your choices will lead to different endings, and, with corpses popping up here and there, not all of those will be a happy ending.

It looks like WORLDEND SYNDROME is another interesting visual novel from PQube this year, and you can play this one later this spring.

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