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Vote for the Next DLC Character in Black Clover: Quartet Knights

Black Clover: Quartet Knights is going to have DLC with three new characters. Two of them, Charlotte and Julius, are already known, but Bandai Namco wants your input for the third. By clicking here, you can tell them your age, gender, whether you have played the game, and which character you are willing to give your sweet cash to obtain.

There are twelve possibilities, so let’s dig into some of them. First of all, Sister Lilly is one of the choices. As much as I admire the developers for digging deeply, Sister Lilly?!? Grey is also one of the choices, but that character has only recently started to become interesting in the anime (my opinion only). Fuegoleon, Finral, Sally, and Rill would make interesting choices. I would add Nozel Silva, but only to be able to knock that dumb braid off his face.

The new characters are part of the season pass that includes new scenarios and costumes for $14.99. I don’t have a date for when it will release, but being able to vote is a great idea. I am more willing to spend money on what I want, and the developers can make what people want. It’s a win-win.

Black Clover: Quartet Knights launched on September 14th, and its story was written specifically for the game. Captain Yami has reverted to a teenager. (Geez, can you imagine dealing with that guy’s teenage angst?) Asta and the rest of the Black Bulls will have to help him while protecting the Clover Kingdom from the attacks of the mysterious Karna. Will they be beaten or give up? My guess is “not yet”.

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Press Release from Bandai Namco

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