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Vote To Play Returns – You Decide One Of March’s Games

A few months ago Sony held its first PS Plus ‘Vote to Play’ event. PS Plus subscribers from all around the world voted on one of the three options and that game was included in the following month’s Plus line-up. Grow Home was the undisputed champion last time around, but Vote to Play is back and there’s three new contenders.



First up is Action Henk!, which was developed by RageSquid and published by Curve Digital. In Action Herk! players have to run, jump and butt-slide (that’s the term the PlayStation Blog uses, so we will too) their way to the finish line in a light-hearted race through a room full of toys.


The second candidate is Assault Android Cactus. Witch Beam’s twin-stick shooter really doesn’t need an introduction as it already has a couple of awards under its belt. It’s a very easy game to play, but extremely difficult to master. Luckily you can always call in a friend for some co-op if the action gets too intense.

Bro-dudes unite!

Bro-dudes unite!

The only other game your vote can go towards is Broforce. Despite its pretty awful name this 80’s inspired action adventure doesn’t look too bad. It was developed by Free Lives and is being published by Devolver Digital. The game is presented in that 8-bit style Devolver are known for publishing and just like with Assault Android Cactus you can take a friend along for the ride via co-op.

There you go, if any of those games tickle your fancy voting begins on the 9th of February, however the PS Blog neglected to say when voting will end, but it’ll probably be a few days before the March PS Plus update. The best part is if the game you voted for doesn’t make it into the Plus line-up it’ll still receive an exclusive Plus discount.

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