VR Horror Movie Tie-in ‘Don’t Knock Twice’ Coming on September 29th on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR

Get ready to scream, because the chilling, psychological horror title, Don’t Knock Twice, is to be released on September 29 for both PS4 and PS VR across Europe, USA and Australia. 

The release of Don’t Knock Twice is part of an exclusive partnership between Wales Interactive, the people behind the highly successful full motion title The Bunker, and publisher Perp Games. It has been developed alongside this year’s horror movie starring Katee Sackhoff.  

The game promises to offer an extremely terrifying and immersive VR experience with its realistic and detailed visuals. The story comprises of a mother who must find her daughter in the confines of a huge Welsh manor, through a series of hidden clues and various interactable objects.  

Don’t Knock Twice is now available digitally. It will be available on the PlayStation 4 and will also be compatible with the PlayStation VR on September 29th. It is also compatible with PlayStation Move controllers.  

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