VR Ping Pong Batting Up a PS4/PSVR Release Soon

VR Ping Pong Batting Up a PS4/PSVR Release Soon

Though there’s no official word on a release just yet, VR Ping Pong will be coming to PS4/PSVR sometime in the near future. How do we know that? It’s not fabulous secret powers, unfortunately, it’s the leaked trophies that have appeared online.

While it’s not yet out and ready to play on PS4/PSVR, we’ve only heard positive things about the game from its release on Steam. It’s currently sitting on a ‘very positive’ rating on the PC platform, so we’re hopeful that it’ll translate well to the PSVR headset.

Naturally, we’ll be bringing you a review as soon as we can get our hands on a code for the game, so stay tuned with Pure PlayStation to find out if it’s worth your hard-earned money or not. We’re really hoping it is; we’ve been gagging for some virtual Ping Pong since forever.

Is VR Ping Pong something you’ll throw money at, or are you apprehensive over what could be another PSVR dud? Ping a reply down in the pongy comment section below.

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