VR Ping Pong Pro Announced for PSVR, Serves Up a September Release Date

The world is a dark and scary place at times, but one constant source of light is… ping pong. What? Were you expecting some profound realisation? From me of all people? Get out.

Merge Games and Reddoll have announced today that they’ll be bringing a little more light to world with the release of VR Ping Pong Pro later this year. Try saying that name out loud without giggling like a little fool.

It’s actually a sequel of sorts to the 2016 release of VR Ping Pong, but this time it’s Pro. This new edition brings eight new levels, lots of customisation options, and even some online multiplayer. You don’t have to play online, though, as there’s a fully-featured single player mode, but it’s a nice option to have.

The press release states that VR Ping Pong Pro will release in September 2019 as a digital launch for PSVR and PC headsets. There’s no actual release date as of yet, but that will surely come at a later date in order to get us lowly cretins writing about the game once more. Well played, PR people, well bloody played.

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  • Singles Match – (Player vs CPU or Player 1 vs Player 2)
  • Online multiplayer – choose to play either single matches or tournaments with people from all over the world
  • Become the best in Tournament Mode – pyramid-style tournaments are ranked by difficulty
  • Exciting mini games where you can hone your skills or just have fun!
  • A variety of photo-realistic environments, placing you right at the centre of the action
  • True to life physics, (with full-spin mechanics), make it feel like you’re really there!
  • Customisable Rackets – racket changes serve a practical purpose as well as a visual one, and can alter your serve for example
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