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VR Puzzler Transpose Available November 6th

The developers of Transpose, Secret Location, have announced when you will be able to put your hands on its newest creation. On November 6th, you will be able to solve puzzles from a completely different point of view. Utilizing the power of the PSVR, you will manipulate time, gravity, and perspective to create solutions.

The game lets you record actions and play those actions when you are done. Each future recording will work together to allow you to make increasingly complex actions that would otherwise be impossible for one person alone. You can walk on walls or ceilings to reach your goal and take a different view of the problem, make changes, and solve puzzles to power up mysterious machines. The attached trailer is very short, but it does give you a peak at how your recordings chain together.

Transpose will take about eight hours to complete, and it will cost $19.99 (USD). There are 30+ levels to solve with different locomotion options and can be played seated or standing.

Secret Location was also responsible for the PSVR game, Blasters of the Universe (review), a bullet hell game in VR, so they are trying to do different things with the hardware. Be sure to check back with us on November 6th for our review.

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