VR Tennis Online Coming to PS4/PSVR February 16th in Japan, But Nobody Wants It

VR Tennis Online Coming to PS4/PSVR February 16th in Japan, But Nobody Wants It

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Developer Colopl has announced VR Tennis Online for the PS4/PSVR. The game has a trailer and a release date – things which gamers usually are pretty positive towards – but it’s not looking good for the game already.

Over on the game’s YouTube trailer, fans of the company’s other games are in dismay. Why? Because this is a sports game, not a “girl game” featuring inappropriately dressed anime characters. Jeez…

At the time of writing the video has a massive amount of dislikes, though we can kind of see why, too. The trailer isn’t anything special and the game does look a little, er, crap? It’s not even immediately obvious how it’ll play in VR either.

VR Tennis Online will release in Japan on February 16th, though there’s no word yet on whether this one will invade the western world. Maybe that’s for the best?

For those of you wanting to know more about the game, you can read this stuff we’ve just pulled from the publisher’s website:


A new online multiplayer tennis game from Colopl.

Choose from eight unique players and enjoy a mix of realistic strategy and arcade thrills. Simple controls include four base shots and an assortment of Killer Techniques.

Not satisfied with offline games? Jump online and play in real-time with players around the world to boost your global rank!


  • Charge up your power with basic shots, and then unleash your Killer Techniques

  • 12 different Killer Techniques for you to choose from

  • Online play automatically matches you with opponents based on your rating. Win matches to face off with stronger opponents.

  • Separate ratings for Singles and Doubles so you get matched with people of similar rating in each category.

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