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VRFC Brings Proper Soccer to PSVR on February 27th

It’s becoming harder and harder for us to get sunlight these days. Despite winter slowly turning to spring (very f*^king slowly…) we’re struggling to get our daily dose of vitamin D. Why? Virtual reality, that’s why. Why bother going outside to swing a sword when you can boot up Skyrim VR? Why bother going outside to chop fruit when you can stay in and do it with Fruit Ninja VR? Well, at least we have to go outside to kick a ball arou – ah. Ok.

Cherry Pop Games, the studio behind the fantastic Sports Bar VR for PS4/PSVR, has a new game on the way: VRFC – Virtual Reality Football Club. For those of you in North America, that’s soccer, but we’ll keep calling it football. It’s played with feet, you see…

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There’s not much information at the time of writing, though we have reached out to Cherry Pop Games for more info. As of this moment all we have is a teaser trailer up above, and a release date of February 27th. Came out of nowhere, didn’t it?

We can’t be completely sure, but going off of the trailer above it looks like you may need to strap your PS Move controllers to your actual feet. Interesting, no? Get some sunshine while you can, folks, because now there’s no real reason to go outside for sport when you can host the Olympics in your front room.

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