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Walk Around The Sinking City in New Gameplay Trailer

I have made my love of carefully curated trailers known. (You can expect a dedicated opinion piece on this in the future.) I am also on record saying that I love long-form gameplay trailers even more. It can be a double-edged sword for developers, but it is a way to give us the real scoop on how a game will play when it’s in my hands.

We have a new gameplay video with commentary for The Sinking City, a game that continues to grab my attention. It follows the questionably sane Charles Reed as he investigates 1920s Oakmont, Massachusetts, a town covered in water and swimming in mystery.

He takes a case for a librarian named Joy, whose mouth is sewn up with threads. I am hoping that is explained at some point, because Charles doesn’t seem surprised by that in the least. Then again, he is teetering on the knife edge of reality. At that point, it might take something really crazy to shake you.

The alpha gameplay is a little rough in spots, but I am even more interested now. There are some issues here and there, but the game doesn’t release until March 21, 2019. There is plenty of time to polish and squash bugs. With the right dark gods on your side, you can probably accomplish anything. You may have to be institutionalized or think sewing your lips together is a good idea, but think of all you can get done.

Check out the trailer, and let us know if The Sinking City is starting to rise in your expectations or if it is sinking below the surface.

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