Warface Heist Season

Warface: Season Heist Now on PS4

Get ready to join the Heist in the new Warface Season.

MY.GAMES and the Warface teams have announced that today the new Warface season called Heist has been released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and eventually Nintendo Switch.

This season will feature not only technical improvements and a new Battle Pass but also new content like a PvP map, new weapons and an upcoming co-op mission.

This new PvE co-op mission will have two players taking on the role of mercenaries, where their mission objective is to rob Blackwood’s vault. With the help of the new cable mechanic, players can stealthily open the three storage facilities that will gradually become harder to siege as they are attacked by all-new enemies: the police and special forces, creating an immersive and intense mission.

A new co-op mission also means new achievements. Players can unlock set rewards that are in the style of this new special operation such as unique marks, badges and stripes.

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As mentioned this season also sees new weapon series added. Such as The Big Score weapon series featuring gold inlays that match the luxury of the bank heist. This includes six new models of guns, including the M4 Marksman Custom Sniper Rifle that has increased damage and rate of fire so you can sit in the shadows and take down your enemies from afar.

Heist will also include the Heat and Mechanical weapons series as well as another new gun called the Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12.

It isn’t just guns this season as you can dress up your mercenary in the brand new shapeshifter equipment which includes four different helmets and vests as well as the necessary gloves and shoes to go with them. The gear has been designed for the most professional thieves – sleek but also bulletproof for those getaway sprints.

Finally, the Blitz mode includes the new Heist map as a battleground. This map which has players fighting inside a high-ranking bank located in a skyscraper is based on this seasons ‘special operation’ that see’s these same players robbing a bank.

All this can be experienced right now on Warface for free unless you are tempted to purchase the Battle Pass – If so I don’t blame you.

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