Warface Takes the Fight Everywhere With Cross-Platform Play

If roasting your Xbox and Nintendo mates in the group chat is not enough, maybe you should invite them to a round of Warface, a free-to-play shooter that now supports cross-play.

Publisher MY.GAMES and its Warface team have announced today that Warface now supports cross-play between all console versions of the game, meaning if you’re on PS4 and your mates are on Xbox and/or Nintendo Switch, you’ll all be able to play together as of today. And if you’ve got no mates, there are around 22 million other players enjoying Warface, so maybe you’ll make one as you play. I don’t know. Your social life is yours. I’m just here to tell you stuff.

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Cross-play does not include PC players. They’re best left alone anyway with their super-duper keyboard and mouse skills which is certainly an advantage. That, and they’re typically sat within licking distance of their screens. They’ll see you before you see them.

If you were hoping that this new Warface cross-play functionality means you can hop around your different consoles with the same account, think again. The developer has stated that cross-progression is not supported and it likely won’t be due to technical limitations.

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