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Warframe is Getting a Big Expansion Later This Year, Still Completely Free-to-Play

Warframe has gone from strength to strength since its original release way back in 2013. I actually remember playing a bit of it on my early PS4, but it didn’t make a good impression and I soon deleted it from my hard drive to make space for… Knack. Looking back, I wasn’t the wisest gamer…

That being said, Warframe is definitely worth a second look, even more so with the just-announced Fortuna expansion.

During the official annual Warframe convention, Digital Extremes announced the new expansion, Fortuna, will release later this year and will bring with it a brand new open-world for players to cause mayhem in.

That’s not all, though, as an extra game mode was also announced. The new game mode is called Railjack. Players will be able to wage war in the skies with up to four other players controlling a space ship. You’ll be able to engage in aerial dog fights against enemies, as well as board enemy ships. All sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

The new game mode will release sometime after the release of the Fortuna expansion which is due to release “later this year” according to Digital Extremes. You can get your first look at it all in the video embedded up above.

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