Warner Bros and TT Games to Reveal Unannounced Game at E3 2019

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games are preparing to reveal a brand new, unannounced game at this year’s E3 2019. How did we find this out? Did we sneak into their offices and steal some confidential papers? Did Chloe O’Brian swap CTU for Pure PlayStation so that she could hack into their network and steal their E3 plans? No. Warner Bros’ PR sent an email… Not quite as exciting, is it?

The email that I received this morning invites us to attend a “hands-off demo theatre presentation showcasing an unannounced title from TT Games.” I wonder what it could be…

For those not in the know, TT Games is best known for its numerous LEGO-based games. The smart money would be on another LEGO game, perhaps even a new LEGO Star Wars collection, given that the new trilogy has run its course. Maybe a complete remake of the older games, too? Or, and here’s the outside bet: a brand new, non-LEGO game.

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Nah. It’s LEGO.

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