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Warner Bros Have Spent Six Years Talking About a Superman Game

Marvel’s Spider-Man showed us all how glorious an open world superhero game can be on the PlayStation 4. But the webbed man wasn’t meant to be the first to the party. That honour was long pursued by Warner Bros, with their caped crusader Superman. However, the project never left the ground – unlike its namesake.

This news comes via Twitter, where an industry user started a thread documenting the long and checkered history of a Superman game. In it, he described how they’ve been working on the idea since 2013 – speaking to many different people about a number of different ideas – but the greenlight was never given, as far as we’re aware. Although a few prototypes have been made over the years.

A vast, open world Metropolis was one such idea, populated with various fiends from the DC universe. But Warner Bros pulled the plug. A second idea was put into motion just a year later, though they again cut support. The reason? Getting Superman to fly in the Arkham engine proved nigh on impossible. Finally, Suicide Squad was due to get an open world video game release, yet it too failed to make the grade.

A little like the film.

Whether we’ll eventually see Superman on a console in the near future is unknown, but if they are working on it, the PlayStation 5 is probably the target. In the meantime, we’ll report on the news Clark Kent can’t cover.

Source: Twitter

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