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Warner Bros is Done With the Arkham Franchise, Apparently

According to the voice actor of Batman in Rocksteady’s Arkham series, Warner Bros is finished with the Arkham franchise and there are no plans to revisit the series, or at least none that he knows of.

Speaking during a comic convention panel, Kevin Conroy was asked if there were to be any more games in the series. The voice actor said that despite Warner Bros making billions off of the games, there are no plans to do another one. However, let’s not take this dude’s word as gospel. This is Warner Bros we’re talking about here, the publisher that’s got the Batman license tucked safely under its pillow every night.

While Conroy may not know of any games being currently worked on, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t projects being whiled away at in the slave chambers at WB Games. At the end of the day, this guy is just the voice actor. He sits in a sound booth and reads lines.

It’s entirely possible that the Arkham series is done. That doesn’t mean the end for more Batman games, though, as it’s entirely possible that Warner Bros may want to make another game with the character. C’mon, it’s Batman. The name alone gets gamers frothing at the mouth. Our bet is that Warner will produce a new Batman game within the next couple of years but it won’t be connected to the Arkham franchise. You heard it here first, folks.

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