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WARSAW Unites an RPG, Tactics, and Strong Emotions in Announcement Trailer

I’m always telling you (bullying really) to watch the trailers I post, but you would be cheating yourself if you ignored the announcement trailer for WARSAW. It’s heavy, but it’s really effective. It was animated by studio Human Ark with a song by the Polish singer Brodka. The trailer is not gameplay, but, if they can nail the mood in the trailer, they have something interesting.

Announced today, WARSAW is a tactical RPG set in 1944 as a group of people tries to oust the Nazis from their homeland of Poland. You and your team will fight in the city, utilize skills, manage equipment, use positioning to your advantage, and scavenge for supplies and new people to help you fight.

I’ll pop some gameplay images at the bottom, but you can see it in action at PAX East next month. As for an actual release date, the developer is targeting a 3rd quarter release this year. When it’s available, we’ll bring some gameplay to everyone who can’t be in Boston next month.

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