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Wasteland 3 Accolades Trailer Heaps A Lot of Praise; Our Review is Oddly Missing

By all accounts, and by that I mean Jeremy’s glowing review, Wasteland 3 is a spectacular game. To prove it’s critical acclaim, a new accolades trailer was released today showing more gameplay and a lot of pull quotes from different outlets saying the game is so good it cured whatever terminal disease they had. Our review must have fallen between the desk and wall, because it’s not listed in the trailer.

I’m joking about all of this, of course. As someone who just finished Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut, I’m excited to take the plunge back into the sequel’s massive world with updates to the systems, updates to the visuals, and a new, vast wasteland to explore. If you’re looking to be sucked into another post-apcalyptic world, Wasteland 3 is probably worth a look.

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