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Wasteland 3 Dev Diary #2 Shows Psychos, Gods, and More in Story and Characters

The latest dev diary for Wasteland 3 came out yesterday, but I was busy grilling and chilling for Memorial Day. It covered huge things like the story, characters, and the world, so I thought I’d go back and cover this in case you were distracted yesterday too.

The world of Wasteland 3 is vastly different, because (without going into spoilers) the events at the end of Wasteland 2 have forced you and the Rangers to move. That shift to Colorado is bigger than just geographical. Your group is headed there, because you can receive help from the Patriarch for a little help in return. This makes the stories in the game more personal than a larger narrative about saving the world, and the team wants those personal stories to have more impact.

That impact is delivered in part through the characters you’ll meet. The dev diary discusses three in particular. There is Mother Nancy Reliance of the Gippers. They believe that Ronald Reagan was a god, and Nancy is his wife and high priestess. They control the oil, so be careful about how you treat their beliefs if you want any of this important resource.

The second is Vic Buchanan. He’s described as a psycho who hurts people and harasses the Rangers. You have a quest to deliver him to his dad, but you can choose to ignore that and kill him if you want. By far, the more interesting option is number 3 – you can convince him to join the Rangers. Wasteland 3 presents you with many moral choices, and people will react to them. If Vic joins your group, some friends will now be your enemies.

The last person named is Sergeant Kwon. He’s the guy who shows you around Colorado when you arrive. He’s not a bad guy, but he’s not above a bribe or two. As the liaison between the Marshals working for the Patriarch and your group of Rangers, you’ll need to decide how to manage your relationship. That’s a key focus, because some characters may be bad or good and separating and discovering the liars will keep you alive.

How you live is up to you. The story has been designed to be more cohesive versus the episodic feel of Wasteland 2 when you were moving from town to town. Your choices make the story and will lead you into different endings. These are described as “rabbit holes” in the trailer, but they give the player a payoff if you pursue them and an ending with a credit scroll, but not necessarily one of the primary endings envisioned by the writers.

There are a few other things such as a first-person view for key conversations mentioned, but Wasteland 3 is looking very promising. If you like its dark world and moral choices with consequences approach, I would recommend you watch the dev diary for more details outside my hastily scribbled notes. If you want to take that trip to Colorado, Wasteland 3 will be available on August 28th.

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