Wasteland 3 “Meat Maker Marinade” Patch Released

Wasteland 3 “Meat Maker Marinade” Patch Released

After a delay, the newest Wasteland 3 patch has been released. Dubbed the “Meat Maker Marinade” patch, it is a massive list of fixes that you can read through on inXile’s site here. It is literally pages of bug squashing goodness from everything from balance changes (that may frustrate you) to fixes that remove things that used to frustrate you. Specifically, they address some of the issues that were causing crashes, and there is a console section that details those changes.

It seems like a great update, but some users on Reddit are reporting some crashes and freezing during combat. If you frequently experience those, the recommendation given in the thread is to delete and completely reinstall the game. I would also recommend you visit that Reddit thread and report any issues. An inXile Community Manager named Mattonimicon is very responsive on Reddit and forwards feedback to the team.

If you are on PlayStation, Brazillian Portuguese and Italian subtitles were not included in this update. They are on PC and Xbox, and they should be coming to PlayStation “early next year.”

I’m planning to set aside some time soon to play Wasteland 3, but you can read what we thought of it in Jeremy’s review.

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