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Wasteland 3 Releasing May 19, 2020

We finally have a release date for Wasteland 3. The RPG from the creators of Wasteland 2, Torment: Tides of Numenera, and The Bard’s Tale IV will be available on May 19. Set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic Colorado, the harsh world is frozen and needs to be liberated from a hostile force. There will be a customizable vehicle, your own Ranger base, a party to manage, difficult choices, and co-op.

There is also a pre-order available. The PlayStation Store shows you will receive a theme, but there are other items to give you a boost when you start the game. I have no idea what they do, so I’ll just tell you about them until I receive another press release with more info. (It’s late. Honesty will flow.) It’s cold in Colorado, so you will receive the Ranger General Hat and Glasses. No outfit is complete without an accessory, so don your Polished Ranger Badge. Finally, keep a low profile with your Snow Camo Weapons.

I’m excited to give this one a try next year. I’m a fan of narrative RPGs, and (fingers crossed) this one might strike the right balance between combat and deep story. Check out the trailer at the top, but I will warn you in advance – it does have an Xbox logo. It was revealed during Microsoft’s XO19 event today, so they have the branding. We still get the game, and that’s all that matters.

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