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Wastelanders Tries To Improve Fallout 76 From April 7th

When it launched, Fallout 76 wasn’t really a finished game. In fact, the number of bugs made it feel like it wasn’t even ready for testing. But Bethesda continue to try and make amends, with the highly anticipated Wastelanders update being their latest fix.

But that patch is still a couple of months away from dropping its content, so little will change in the interim period. That’s if you’re even still playing it in the first place…

The update was meant to launch months ago, in autumn 2019. But it suffered from a delay and was instead pencilled in for an early 2020 release. We now know, at least, that it will enjoy an April 7th launch. But what exactly will it bring to the game?

Well, new non playable characters for starters, who will enhance the overall experience. And a plethora of new quests. Both of which will help make the whole thing feel a little more complete and better value for money. But we’re still waiting on the team to substantiate further as to what else will be included, so everything else is just hearsay for now.

In the meantime, there’s a video for your perusal embedded above. And we’ll update you on further details as and when we hear something – which should be soon if Wastelanders is going to stand any chance of drawing survivors back to its adventure.

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