Watch 13 Minutes of Space Survival Horror in Syndrome

Watch 13 Minutes of Space Survival Horror in Syndrome

Is space horror its own genre yet? If not, games like Syndrome are helping to push the classification, and we are happy to have another game in the soon-to-be-official category.

The story starts with you waking up from cryosleep on the pioneer ship, the Valkenburg. As you might have guessed, things are not going well. There are monsters trying to kill you, and the ship is off course. While trying your best not to be a splatter on the wall, you need to find out why and how everything went to space hell in a handbasket while you were napping.

The trailer gives you a good idea of how the survival horror game will play when it releases on the PS4 early next year. Billing itself as more stealth than shoot-out, it could be a welcome return for old school fans. For more info, check out the official site here.

If this appeals to you, let us know your favorite space horror movies in the comments. To get you started, check out Event Horizon for horror and Pandorum for something a little closer to Syndrome.

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