Watch 17 Minutes of Funny, Gory Gameplay from Shadow Warrior 3

Watch 17 Minutes of Funny, Gory Gameplay from Shadow Warrior 3

After being shown off during the recent Devolver Direct, we now have an extended look at the gameplay of Shadow Warrior 3. If you want the short version, it looks like Doom Eternal and a splash of Bulletstorm peppered with one-liners. It’s another ballet of bloody violence that put a smile on my face as I watched it, and there is plenty to see.

Beyond the obvious gore, the next thing you might notice is the focus on mobility. You can run along walls and air dash. The game-changer might be the wrist rope that can be fired and used to pull Lo Wang around the environment. It can also get him out of a tough situation in combat. The arenas remind me so much of Doom Eternal in that you cannot stay still for long. I loved Doom Eternal, so I’m hoping to love this too.

The game is also targeting people who love one-liners. Shadow Warrior 3’s Lo Wang seems to be in on the joke and leaning into it hard. Whether he’s moving around or sword deep into an enemy, he’s cracking cheesy jokes. It’s a game that doesn’t seem like it will take itself too seriously.

The entire gameplay chunk shows a pretty polished experience for a game coming next year. We still don’t have confirmation this one is coming to the PS4/PS5, but the past two games are on sale on the PlayStation Store right now. With that track record, we are probably just a press conference or two away from an announcement.

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