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Watch 20 Minutes of Anthem Gameplay

Bioware has dropped a new video showing Anthem’s gameplay from an E3 demo. At least, I think the video is new. I didn’t go to E3, but the trailer gives me a sense of deja vu. If your memory is as bad as mine, it’s all new again anyway. Enjoy!

The trailer follows a team from the beginning to almost the end of a very long mission. It shows them racking up combo damage by coordinating attacks, traversing different environments with prominent verticality, and it shows off the skills of the different javelin suits.

The demo video is very structured and staged. I am not saying that is a negative. Its purpose at E3 was to show how the game works, the systems, and combat, and it does a good job at guiding curious gamers through the typical day in this social RPG. As we near launch, I would hope for longer gameplay videos with less structure and editing. Maybe Bioware could have a casual session on Twitch or YouTube with a Q&A for a few hours?

Anthem is Bioware’s next big project, and you can tell they have been working on it for a while. Its world was abandoned by the gods, and Freelancers are trying to keep the technology used to shape that world out of the hands of Scars and other groups of nasties. Using one of four mechanical exosuits named javelins, you will be able to go on missions in single player or multiplayer with your friends being able to seamlessly jump into your game.

We look forward to more details on Athem and its gameplay as we near the February 22nd launch.

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