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Watch All the Different Modes of Transportation In Ark: Survival Evolved Launch Trailer

Ark: Survival Evolved has us curious. The survival game has you starting naked, moving to fight with a bow and arrow, and eventually shooting a machine gun while flying on a Pteranodon. There are multiple land dinosaurs to ride, but the trailer shows you riding a swimming dinosaur and what might be a crocodile. Basically, you can travel in prehistoric style no matter where you are going.

The game releases today with the first expansion, Scorched Earch, in the Ark: Survivor’s Pack. The expansion introduces multiple forms of desert to the game, and it allows you to ride dragons among other desert creatures. Honestly, who cares about the other creatures. They will be dead when my dragon comes along anyway.

Check out the new trailer for the game, and, if you are picking it up, let us know what your new ride will be.

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